Is This What Taxpayer Dollars for Education Buys? Painful to Watch.

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Not saying ALL Schools are like this, but it makes you wonder WHAT we are even thinking of sending to college……

Lunch Scholars

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Has FEDERAL “political correctness” taken over the parenting of our children?

Compare Dress Code and Code of Conduct in schools in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Then along came President Jimmy Carter in his “wise wisdom” to create the Federal Department of Education.

As President, Carter created two new cabinet-level departments: the Department of Energy and the Department of Education.  SourceWikipedia.

Spanking was abusive.  Parental strictness an abhorrence.

What has our government created?

The link below is a LONG post, however it IS in the BEST INTEREST of American Parents to read and educate yourselves:

Once the Government OWNS Your Children; What’s Left? The Obama “Plan”…

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Romney wins Nevada GOP caucuses, Fox News projects


The pressure is on the rest of the Republican presidential field to knock Mitt Romney down a peg after the former Massachusetts governor sailed to victory in the Nevada caucuses following his big Florida win earlier in the week.

Romney won Nevada by a decisive double-digit margin. The field charges next into a quartet of contests that will either fuel or check Romney’s momentum.

Newt Gingrich, who just two weeks ago looked like the comeback candidate, held an unusual press conference late Saturday night to, among other things, assure the public he is not dropping out and take a series of swipes at Romney.

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Obama: I Deserve Second Term

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said on Sunday that he deserved to be re-elected because the US economy is adding jobs and recovering, in stark contrast to the bleak monthly unemployment hikes he inherited in 2009.
In a pre-Super Bowl interview with NBC, Obama was reminded that three years ago, just days after he took office, he told the same network: “If I don’t have it done in three years, it’s going to be a one-term proposition.”
Obama pointed to US job numbers issued on Friday showing that 243 000 net new jobs were added in January, the fastest spurt in nine months and which brought the unemployment rate down to 8.3%.
“I deserve a second term. But we are not done,” Obama said in the interview, stating that three years ago, “we were losing 750 000 jobs a month”.
“Now, we’re creating 250 000. We created the most manufacturing…

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